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Sunday, February 27, 2011

ED 105 Blog Portfolio Development

Blog Portfolio
          Blogging is one of a valuable tool in the 21st century for it provides deeper understanding of ethnical culture by incorporating an iterative method of research, reflection and action process. Teachers being the implementers of learning should provide lessons that are not only confined in the four corners of the room but gives opportunity for students to explore, create, innovate and share.
            “MSU Taking the Lead to the 21st Century School Teaching “ is a weblog project of MSU-BSED students who are taking Educational Technology 2 (ED 105B). The project helps students develop their creativity, research and writing ability, enhances environmental awareness, leadership, social responsibility, initiatives as well as better technological and communication skills.  

I.                   ASSIGNED TOPIC:
            Group 1 Leaf – Dosano,
            Group 2 Cell - Seguiza
            Group 3 Fruits - Quinones
            Group 4 Ecosystem Interrelationship - Clara
            Group 5 Characteristics of Life - Regidor    
            Group 6 Vertebrates and Invertebrates - Usop
            Group 7 Geometry - Parreno 
II.                The STUDENT WORK OUTPUT
a.      Title of the Blog: unique name of your blog
b.      Overview of  your Blog Site: discusses the topic or contents of your blog
c.       Blogsite: the domain of the blogsite e.g.
d.      Team Profile : indicate the name of the person assigned their roles and responsibilities
                                                              i.      Editor in-chief
                                                            ii.      Asso. Editor
                                                          iii.      Video Designer
                                                          iv.      Photo Designer
                                                            v.      Web Designer
                                                          vi.      Researcher/s
                                                        vii.      Layout Designer
                                                      viii.      Adviser: Maria Theresa P. Pelones
e.       Objective/s of the topic: goals or objectives of the activities and the topics
f.        Scope of the topic: the nature, features and content of the topics discussed
g.      Methodology of the topic: Methods or strategies used
h.      Schedule of Activity: the time frame which indicates the date, place, time and the nature of the activity
i.        Resources: the materials used during the conduct of the activity
j.        Student Output:
                                                              i.      Collage (team profile)
                                                            ii.      Collage (Topic Assigned)
                                                          iii.      Video (Demonstration Teaching)
                                                          iv.      Video (Topical Video)
                                                            v.      Articles/commentaries/views (individual)
                                                          vi.      Others
k.      Concluding Statement/Significance of the activity to the topic : the group shall provide concluding statement regarding the topics presented.
l.        Trivias or Games (related to the topic): the group can include possible links from various internet sites provided source or references shall be indicated.
m.    Galleries : Provide photos or videos of your team while conducting the activity.
n.      Students Reflection: This should be seen on your blogsite
                                                              i.      What was your reaction to the online Blog Activity?
                                                            ii.      Are you having some difficulty configuring the use of Web Blogging? Explain
                                                          iii.      Did the activity gave you deeper or broader understanding about the used of Blogs?Why?
                                                          iv.      Did the activity increases or decreases you enthusiasm, willingness or effort to learn more about technology? Why
                                                            v.      What important things have you learned from this activity?
                                                          vi.      What generalization can you formulate with this activity? 
III.                RULES in Creating the BLOGSITE
a.       Take photos or video of your team while conducting the activity
b.       Upload your videos in Google Video or YouTube, then embed in your blogsite. For instructions on how to upload and share video go to Google Video site.
c.       Write a short narrative about your team’s experience.
d.       Create a blog site in Multiply,,, or, then post your narrative and photos/videos online.
e.       For tips on how to create a blog site, read “Blog as an Education Tool”.
f.        The team must obtain all the necessary permissions and rights including copyright of all sources, people, music, images/graphics, and other materials mentioned, showed, or used in the blog site.
g.       Your blog homepage must contain the following text:
                                                              i.      We are MSU-BSED EdTech Students! This blog site is a partial requirement for Educational Technology 105 subject with the Theme: MSU Taking the Lead to the 21st Century School Teaching. 
IV.             CRITERIA: Entries will be evaluated based on the following criteria
a.       Blogger – 10%
b.      Blog Materials – 35%
c.       Blog Influence – 10%
d.      Content/ Depth/Language – 15%
e.       Blog Activity – 30%

 DATE OF SUBMISSION:Submission of output will be on March 25,2011

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  2. maam,is it required to follow this kind of arrangement?Or we can have our own arrangement like we will have first the significant of the blog before the objectives?

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