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Saturday, February 5, 2011


I.Title Page/ Cover Page - the title page/cover page contains the title of the course, the name of the student, course taken, semester, school year, name of the faculty and the school
II.Table of Contents - This section provides the listing of the contents of the portfolio and the pages where these are located
III.Student's Resume - A short biography of the student shall be included in this section. It will also include the student teaching beliefs, educational philosophy or views of teaching
IV. Statement of Purpose/ Purposes of Portfolio - this section shall clearly state the purpose of the portfolio. It will express the student's intention in making the portfolio. This guides the students in making of his/her portfolio
 IV. Organization of Portfolio Entries 
       A. Portfolio entries shall be divided into section. Each section shall contain the section title, entries of evidences and reflections. The organization may be sequential, categorical or  thematic. Presentation of entries will depend on the creativity of the  students.
          1. Title of the section based on the focus in the syllabus
          2. Entries or evidences (e.g. narratives, reports, photo essays, drawings, photos, 
             drawings, poems, caselets, pictures, learner's outputs, letters, checklists, reflections
         3. Reflection on each section
       B. Additional entries to the portfolio includes articles, clippings, letters and commendations that are relevant to the course or the student who is taking the course
V. Personal Reflections on the Portfolio - This section captures the overall insights, feelings, beliefs and views of the student in relation to the different experiences, process and portfolio contents in the course.
VI. Comments of the Faculty - A section shall be provided for the faculty in order to give his/her feedback about the portfolio. This will allow the student to know their areas for improvement and growth.
VII. Rubric for the Portfolio - A rubric for the portfolio will be attached in this section. This will be the basis for evaluating the process and the product in the course portfolio.

PORTFOLIO DEVELOPMENT                 equivalent to 40% from your grade
       Rubrics for Portfolio
    1. Contents of the portfolio    ---> 40%
    2. Objectives of the Portfolio ---> 5%
    3. Quality of Entries              ----> 25%
    4. Presentation of Entries      ----> 25%
    5. Promptness of Submission ---> 5%
FIELD OBSERVATION                            equivalent to 40% from your grade
MICRO SEMINAR                                      equivalent to 10% from your grade
SEMINAR                                                    equivalent to 10% from your grade
                                                     TOTAL Grade             100%

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