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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

EDUC 107 Learning Activities (Individual and Group) Due April 25, 2011

ASSIGNMENT: Due April 25, 2011
Guided Questions:
1. Can there be learning without feelings or emotions involved?
2. How different is Gardner's MI Theory from the traditional concept of intelligence?
3. What are the nine intelligences according to Gardner?
4. Based on two different ways of perceiving the world and judging our perceptions of the world, what are the 4 learning styles given by silver?
5. Distinguish among the four learning styles

  • Submit your answers in a short bond paper or yellow paper. 
  • Deadline of submission will be on April 25,2011. 

GROUP ACTIVITY : For Portfolio
1. By means of concept map, show the faculties of powers of the learners.
2. If you were to give a symbols for each intelligence and learning style what would you give? Explain each of your symbol.
3. Describe a professional teacher by means of a song or verses
4. Contrast the two important aspects of the teacher the professional and personal attributes.
5. By means of pictograph, visualize the conditions of a learning atmosphere that is conducive for learning.

  • You may use powerpoint presentation or MSword for this activities. 
  • Group output shall be submitted on April 25, 2011 via e-mail 

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