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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Blogging is one of a valuable tool in the 21st century for it provides deeper understanding of ethnical culture by incorporating an iterative method of research, reflection and action process. Teachers being the implementers of learning should provide lessons that are not only confined in the four corners of the room but gives opportunity for students to explore, create, innovate and share.
            “MSU Taking the Lead to the 21st Century School Teaching “ is a weblog project of MSU-BSED students who are taking Educational Technology 2 (ED 105B). The project helps students develop their creativity, research and writing ability, enhances environmental awareness, leadership, social responsibility, initiatives as well as better technological and communication skills.  
                 Below are the BLOGSITE output of ED105 students. To view click the link and visit their blogsites and make some comments. 

                              Proponents: Abellar, Regidor, Plastico, Ordez, Panes, Padernal

                        Leaf Expo     
                            Proponents: Dosano, Generoso, Bracamonte, Panerio, Otero, Paman
                            Proponents: Consolacion, Estigoy, Asturias, Tuquib, Clara

                            Proponents: Cuervo,Aquino, Monserat, Dakingking, Casabuena, Usop, Salisipan, Elipongga
                      Cells in Motion    
                            Proponents:  Seguiza, Lecita, Cantiller,Estremos,Villaflor

                     Origin of Life 
                           Proponents: Quiñones, Chan, Laniton, Pamat
                      Trigonometric Functions
                            Proponents : Parreño, Tupas, Mayormente, Muñoz, Bantillan, Sarita

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  1. For Seguiza and member their blogsite is