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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

EDUC 107 Course Reports and Groupings (REVISED)

EDUC 107 Principles and Methods of Teaching
The course introduces prospective teachers to the nature of teaching. It deals specifically with the principles of effective instruction and the concomitant processes involves, instructional planning and demonstration teaching.
Course Outline, Activities and Groupings: [ Click the link below to view to details]


  1. I'm a CPA by profession for almost 4 decades; presently I'm taking up Certificate of Teaching Program in the Philippine Normal University, Manila. Why? I want to establish a school in my hometown during my senior years.

  2. It's really hard to shift from a financial analyst and adviser to a mentor or educator. I'm doing my best to cope with the studies of Education, Teaching Methods and Strategies, the Philosophical Foundations of Education and the Curriculum Development and Processes. I'm getting inspirations and encouragement from my professors in PNU, Manila. Most of them are gems of Philippine Education.